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The Ultimate Girls Getaway welcomes The Goddess Club!
Get ready for an empowering weekend! 
Join Nadja Piatka and Grace Cirocco  for a dose of inspiration and personal growth. 
For Women of all ages!  Come celebrate our many years of hUGGs and heartfelt connections with other women!
Mothers - daughters - sisters - girlfriends - colleagues - professionals - entrepreneurs

See what they say about the UGG!


Who Are We and What Is The UGG?


We are women of all ages and backgrounds that have been gathering to celebrate life, friendship, learning, laughter and happiness for the past 18 years! 

We will also be celebrating the 15 year anniversary of Grace Cirocco's Goddess Club and personal growth workshops. An amazing celebration!  We welcome everyone to join us for a very special event! 


The UGG is ideal for women who want to learn and who are seeking greater self awareness and a more conscious life. You’ll be inspired and have an opportunity to make heartfelt connections with other women.

Experts agree that emotional support and frienships are key for modern women trying to keep it all together. Research shows that women crave emotional and spiritual connections, and that if they receive it, they are ten times more likely to maintain a sense of well-being, balance and resilience.


The UGG is a weekend retreat that is all about reconnecting with yourself, your girlfriends and making new ones! Incredible lifelong bonds are created. We believe that you deserve the very best in service and accommodations while experiencing the Ultimate Girls Getaway.  So grab your sister, colleague, mother, best friend or come solo - you are never alone and always one of the girls at the UGG!  We start the weekend off with our famous pj party and nothing breaks the ice like jumping on the beds, eating delicious foods, sipping wine and dancing the night away.  


To learn more about us, give our site a read, peruse our photos, hear what our girlfriends have to say about the events and send us a hello and any question that you may have - we would love to hear from you!  

Top 10 Reasons to come to the UGG!!


1.  Make new friends and new memories


2.  Sometimes you just gotta dance dance dance


3.  Cheaper than therapy and a lot more fun


4.  Indulge in all the fun you can muster (there is a lot
     of fun going on all weekend long)

5.  Laugh until your cheeks hurt

6.  Take a break from cooking, cleaning and laundry

7.  Get inspired and share your hopes and dreams - and     
     then make them happen


8.  Network and connect with the most incredible group
     of women and speakers

9.  Treat yourself to some first class cuisine! 


10.  You deserve it


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